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What is Fort Nathan Hale?

Fort Nathan Hale is a 20 acre City Park located on the east shore of New Haven Harbor. In 1921 by act of Congress, Fort Nathan Hale, a Federal fortification, was deeded to the State, which turned it over to the City to maintain. The site was turned into a popular bathing and picnic area but pollution and the hurricane of 1938 brought such recreation to an end. The site, neglected, became overgrown and the fort fell into decay.

Today this historic site includes a reconstructed Revolutionary fort, Black Rock Fort, and a partially restored Civil War facility, Fort Nathan Hale. It is open to the public, free of charge, from Memorial to Labor Day weekend.

Educational programs are given throughout the year to students attending local schools and can be arranged by contacting the New Haven Parks Department.

Fort Nathan Hale Restoration Projects, Inc.

FNHRP, a nonprofit organization, was established in 1967 by a group of concerned citizens interested in the restoration and preservation of Fort Nathan Hale. Brought back to life in time for the Nation's Bicentennial, Fort Nathan Hale was rededicated on July 5, 1976. FNHRP is responsible for the reconstruction of Black Rock Fort and the restoration of Fort Nathan Hale.

Through the efforts of FNHRP, funds are raised annually to maintain, staff and promote the facility. Monies are raised by: membership; open to all who share concern for the need to preserve our historic links with the past for the benefit of the present; special events; grants; and donations.

Fort Nathan Hale, A National Landmark

Fort Nathan Hale was declared a landmark and Historic Site by the the New Haven Preservation Trust, the first so recognized in New Haven. In 1970 Fort Nathan Hale was placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the Department of the Interior, thus granting national recognition of this historic place.

What is Fort Nathan Hale Today?

Visitors to Fort Nathan Hale can walk the 20 acres, viewing the two forts, one from the Revolution, the other from the Civil War. Visitors enter via the Fort's visitor center, the Pavilion, and pass through the Memorial Flag Court. Each year over 7000 visitors from countries around the world tour the historic site

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