Fort Wooster Park

Fort Wooster

Memorial to the Quinnipiac Indian Tribe on Townsend Avenue, New Haven

Located near Fort Nathan Hale on New Haven's Eastern Shore, Fort Wooster and its Memorial Park commands the heights of Beacon Hill where signal fires were once lit to warn inhabitants of impending dangers. The park features walking trails leading up to earthen works fortifications at the top of the hill.

As significant is the history of the Quinnipiac Indian Tribe and sacred burial grounds associated with the park as highlighted by the engraving on the park's marble monument

Leading up to the dedication of the Monument to the Quinnipiac Indian Tribe in 2000, Fort Nathan Hale Restoration Projects, Inc. board member Doris "Deb" Townshend and a group of concerned citizens led efforts to place memorials to New Haven's past.

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Scenes from Fort Wooster Park  

Memorial Front View

Inscription: A Quinnipiac Indian family walks to the harbor to meet the English newcomers -
April 24, 1638 as their way of life changes forever.

Memorial Back View

Inscription: In Memory of Captian Charles H. Townshend, John Menta, and Lyant W. Russell, Chroniclers of the Quinnipiac Tribe


Sign Front

Sign Back

Scenes from the Grounds


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